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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to Aquegel's Blog!

Aquegel's blog to talk with our customers about stopping nasal dryness, nosebleeds, and discomfort from Oxygen Therapy. We can help your nose to stop hurting!

Mission: Stop Nasal Suffering

You don't have to suffer from the drying effects of oxygen or CPAP. Here at Aquegel - we are committed to keeping your nose - Moist, all the time, no matter what!

No matter the cause (Oxygen, Dry Climate, Etc.), Aquegel's nasal moisturizers will solve:

  • dry nose

  • nasal irritation

  • nosebleed

Made in the USA

Our company is family-owned and operates in Colorado. Aquegel Nasal Moisturizers are proudly hand-made in the USA. We make quality products using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Old-School Customer Service

Aquegel products are supported by old-school business principles. Put Simply - If we make a mistake OR you aren't satisfied, we will make it right.

Support Small Business

The lowest price for Aquegel Nasal Gels is always a local small business. Again - the lowest price per jar is ALWAYS at a local small business. In addition to, our products are available in more than 3000 independently owned small businesses (in all 50 States). Our pricing is specifically designed to encourage purchasing Aquegel locally - Aquegel is less expensive in-store than online.

Thank you

The highest compliment we can receive is your continued business.

Please comment - How has Aquegel helped your nose?

If you would like to learn more about keeping your nose comfortable and moist and get some deals on Aquegel Nasal Moisturizers, please subscribe to receive coupons and updates on further blogs

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