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Aquegel Nasal Moisturizers - Ultimate Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Aquegel Nasal Gels. We explain how Aquegel provides long-term relief from nasal dryness and the science of our time-released formula.

If you are new to Aquegel and checking us out for the first time, this blog will answer a ton of your questions. Our mission here at Aquegel is to stop nasal suffering. We do this well which is why Aquegel Nasal Moisturizers are top sellers in Amazon's categories such as "Oxygen Accessories" or "Respiratory Aids & Accessories".

We make 4 different nasal gels specifically designed for dry nose,

nasal cracking & nosebleeds

Our nasal gels are applied to the source of discomfort, and provide up to 12 hours of moisture relief.


This guide will detail how Aquegel works, who it helps, and the science of our unique time-released formula.


1: Aquegel Vs. Nasal Dryness

Aquegel vs. Nasal dryness...there is no competition! Aquegel ALWAYS conquers dryness! Aquegel nasal gels were specifically designed to keep your nose moist, all the time, no matter what!

Aquegel always conquers dryness because it is made to be, well, man-made snot. Seriously, Aquegel contains water and minerals in similar concentrations to your own mucus! Since Aquegel mimics your own snot, it is more readily absorbed by your body.

Our water-based (50% water, weight by volume) non-drip nasal gel is applied to the inside of each nostril, providing soothing moisture at the source of discomfort. Aquegel's long-lasting gels are available 4 unique formulas:

2: Directions for Use

Step 1: Coat a cotton swab with a thin layer of Aquegel. Use personal preference to determine the amount of coating needed on the cotton swab.

Step 2: Using the cotton swab, apply a thin coating of Aquegel to the inside of


Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 & 2 with the opposite end of the cotton swab for the second nostril.

Step 4: Re-apply every 10-12 hours OR as needed.

3: Who needs Aquegel?

Usually, we think of mucus when we are sick. We all hate runny noses, sinus build-up, or constantly coughing up phlegm. "Americans spend $8 Billion annually on over-the-counter medications, many of which are devoted to stopping all the snot".

As Aquegel is essentially man-made mucus (or snot), we have to ask: Who needs more snot? Who needs Aquegel?

  • Oxygen users

  • CPAP or BiPAP users

  • Kids that pick their nose

  • Sufferers of COPD

  • Anyone who lives in dry climates

  • Winter sport enthusiasts

  • Or those who regularly experience a dry cracked nose

Even though everyone's body makes more than a liter of mucus each day, for some, it is simply not enough. Medical oxygen contains no moisture so it commonly causes nasal passages to dry out, crack, or bleed. "CPAP & BiPAP machines push a steady flow or cold, dry air - your nose just can't maintain moisture levels all night".Maybe you have high blood pressure and are prone to nosebleeds. OR - maybe you are a 5-year-old who picks his nose until it bleeds?

No matter the cause: oxygen therapy, dry climates, nose picking, high blood pressure -

Aquegel nasal moisturizers are applied to the nostrils, boosting your body's natural mucus, and providing long-lasting moisture relief.

4: How does Aquegel last so long?

You may have tried nasal products that are runny & have to be re-applied often. These so-called nasal moisturizers "seal" the skin to trap the body's moisture from evaporating. They offer only temporary relief because they stop working as soon as they dry out.

Unlike runny tube ointments and nasal sprays that seal your skin, Aquegel actually provides water. During manufacturing, distilled water, essential minerals, and an anhydrous cosmetic base are combined at a microscopic level to form micro-encapsulations of water! This encapsulated water is held within our temperature-resilient base until it makes contact with body temperature.

Activated by your body's natural temperature, Aquegel's base will begin to dissolve, a layer at a time, keeping micro-encapsulations of water in contact with nasal tissues for up to 12 HOURS!



Your nose doesn't have to suffer from the drying effects of oxygen, CPAP, or dry environments. At Aquegel we are committed to keeping your nose moist, all the time, no matter what! Aquegel was designed by a pharmacist to be time-activated, safe for all ages, and provide daily relief.

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