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Training Center

Training Program Overview


Product knowledge is the key to sales success and it starts with employees!   Aquegel therefore provides two Training Options for your staff.  Regardless of which option you choose, completing training will:



  • Ensure your employees understand & can answer questions about Aquegel


Option 1: Training Meeting

While the Training Conference Call does require a meeting of employees, it also has several benefits:

  • Aquegel provides food for your staff!

  • Designating time for training is more effective to relay informaiton

  • Ensures all employees undergo training at the same time so ROLLOUT of new product and programs are not delayed

Option 2: Downtime Training (Booklet)

The Training Manual Program is a very popular option for busy pharmacies.  The benefits of this program include:

  • Employees can read Training Manual during downtime and complete an online quiz at: CLICK HERE

  • Quizzes can be printed and submitted via fax at: CLICK HERE

  • Specific time does not need to be scheduled with your staff.

  • Completing the short quiz ensures your employees understand the material AND tells your Marketing Rep how much pizza to order.

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