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0.5 oz (14.7 mL)

Aquegel Original (Nasal Moisturizer)


Aquegel's Patent - Pending Base!

Whether you're an oxygen user, looking to breathe easier, or just trying to tackle extreme dry skin, NOTHING is better than Aquegel Original! Aquegel's specially formulated gel is safe for all ages and provides 12 HOURS of ACTUAL moisture relief. 

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Aquegel Original Nasal Moisturizer is commonly used to moisture dryness due to: 


     - CPAP (Supplemental Oxygen) Therapy

     - Nose Bleeds

     - Sinusitis

     - Dry Climates


Aquegel Original is the only moisturizer that contains 50% moisture - Weight by Volume, and is bacteriostatic which makes it an EXCELLENT mositurizer for:


Supplemental Oxygen Patients - One dose of Aquegel's time release formula provides 12 hours of moisture relief from side-effects associated with oxygen therapy.


Exteme Dry Skin - Aquegel's base dissolves into moisture, providing long term relief of extreme dry skin such as psoriasis, but without sealing the skin.

Prescription Preservative - Aquegel's base formula complements many nasally-applied drug by impeding nose bleeding side-effects, reducing draining and slowing absorption time.

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