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PLUS, we launch FREE advertising programs specifically designed for each wholesale account! CONTACT AQUEGEL TODAY!



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RX Add On

RX Add On

Refer Customers

Refer Customers

Sampling Campaign

Sampling Campaign

High Profit

High Profit

Eye-catching Display!

Eye-catching Display!

Free Staff Training

Free Staff Training

Put your name on our "Buy Locally" map TODAY! Aquegel will refer customers to you!

Aquegel is sold to ONLY independent pharmacies in ALL 50 STATES!

Free Wholesale Benefits (See details below)

  • High Profit/Mark-up

  • Referral of Customers

  • Sampling Campaign

  • Online Advertising/Buy Locally Map

  • Employee Training (and Pizza!)

  • Employee Incentive Program

  • Prescription Add-On Program

  • Custom Flyers

  • Display Materials

Detailed Description of Wholesale Benefits

Advertising Programs

Aquegel is owned & operated by an independent pharmacy and therefore our business practices are specifically designed with your business in mind. When you purchase Aquegel, your investement will yield:

  1. Free Advertising - designed to increase footsteps

  2. Margin Profit - resale of product

Here are the advertising programs that Aquegel will do for your Pharmacy:

  • Refer customers - Aquegel will refer our .com customers in your area to your pharmacy. We give our online customers two large incentives to purchase locally through your pharmacy rather than online: 1 - Your retail price will be significantly lower than online & 2 - Our customer will not have to pay a $5 shipping charge per unit! On average, customers will save $8/unit by purchasing locally.

  • Launch a Sampling Campaign - Aquegel Distribution sends YOUR business cards with samples to assisted living facilities, geriatric doctors' offices, and oxygen providers in your area. These businesses have a high concentration of patients that will benefit from Aquegel. Therefore, they will give out samples and refer their patients to your pharmacy to purchase Aquegel.

  • Online Advertising - Aquegel will add you to our "Buy Locally" map on our website. Your pharmacy will then benefit from Aquegel's online advertising.

Free Sales Support & Collateral

Patients with a need for Aquegel come into your pharmacy EVERY DAY. Most pharmacies fill a large number of prescriptions that cause side-effects that AQUEGEL COUNTERS! To assist our accounts to capitalize on their existing customers, we provide the following:

  • Employee Training - Aquegel offers two options for employee training: 1 - Personalized Meeting (Conference Call & Online Presentation) & 2 - Downtime Training (Training Booklet & Online Quiz). To reward your staff for completing any type of training, Aquegel will purchase pizza for you!

  • Employee Incentives - Aquegel has an ongoing incentive program to reward your staff for recommending Aquegel. These incentives are offered in the form of Gift Cards to restaurants!

  • "Tear Tag" Reminder Program - This program is designed to help your staff identify which prescriptions cause side-effects that Aquegel counters. Aquegel provides a "Base Prescription List" and "Tear Tags Booklets" (to be stapled to prescription bags). These "Tear Tags" act as reminder to your staff to recommend Aquegel as an ADD-ON.

  • Customized Flyers - Most pharmacies do extensive business with LTC Facilities and do not have direct contact with these patients. Aquegel provides free "Customized Flyers" which contain your pharmacy's contact information. When these flyers are placed in prescription bags that are delivered to LTC Facilities, your patients (and potentially new patients) will be aware of the benefits of Aquegel and call you to purchase!

  • Display Materials - Aquegel provides your pharmacy with literature that is DESIGNED TO STAND OUT IN A PHARMACY ENVIRONMENT such as: Counter Display, Tent Cards, and Brochures!

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