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How It Works

Aquegel is a unique patent-pending moisturizer that was designed to be:

     1. Time Activated - Lasts up to 12 hours

     2. Free of Use Restrictions - Daily relief

     3. Safe for All Ages - No harsh chemicals


During the manufacturing process, distilled water, active ingredients and our patent-pending base are combined at a microscopic level to form micro-encapsulations of water & active ingredients! (See picture on the right) 



Aquegel Under Microscope

AQUEGEL ACTUALLY PROVIDES MOISTURE, unlike lotions & creams which only "seal" the skin to trap the body's moisture from evaporating. Whether applied nasally OR topically the human body's natural temperature will begin to dissolve Aquegel's patent-pending base, exposing the micro-encapsulated moisture & active ingredients!  This process occurs continously, one

The Aquegel formula was originally intended to provide long-lasting moisture to reduce nasal irritation associated with sinusitis, oxygen therapy and congestion. However, since its inception, the TRUE abilities of Aquegel Moisturizers have been revealed!  Aquegel is now commonly used for BOTH NASAL & TOPICAL APPLICATIONS - 


Unique Qualities

The Aquegel formula is made to mimic mucopolysaccharides, which is a complex arrangement of natural nasal moisture or in other words - SNOT! Aquegel contains water and salt in the same concentration as your own body so it is readily absorbed.

layer at a time, keeping micro-encapsulations in contact with body tissues for up to 12 STRAIGHT HOURS! Essentially, Aquegel acts like an aqueduct bringing moisture to the area afflicted by dryness for ALL DAY RELIEF!  SEE RIGHT FOR "HOW IT WORKS" STEPS

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