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Aquegel Breath Easy (with Eucalyptus!)

0.5 oz (14.7 mL)


Aquegel's Base PLUS Eucalyptus Oil!

When you're looking to reduce nasal congetion, allergy symptoms, and generally Breathe Easier, Nothing is better than Aquegel Breathe Easy Moisturizer with Eucalyptus ! Aquegel's specially formulated gel restores moisture levels 

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Aquegel Breathe Easy contains the perfect concentration of Eucalyptus so you have the benefit of a TRUE 12-hour nasal moisturizer AND the congestion-relieving, mocosa-shrinking qualities of Eucalyptus.*


Recommended For:


Congestion Relief - The mucosa-shrinking qualities of Eucalyptus act as an expectorant by facilitating the secretion or expulsion of phlegm, mucus or other matter from the respiratory tract!

Allergy Relief - Seasonal allergy symptoms are caused when foreign agents (pollen) are inhaled through the nose. Aquegel creates a moisrure barrier that traps allergens before they enter the respiratory system and cause seasonal allergy attacks!

Prescription - This formula is great with allergy medications, ESPECIALLY ones that can cause Nose Bleeds. 

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