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Sales Success

New Account Growth

Will Aquegel be successful in your pharmacy?

Yes! Our wholesale program is designed to be successful in every pharmacy: small or large, rural or urban!

  • Sold in more than 1000 independent pharmacies

  • Sold in ALL 50 STATES

  • Total pharmacies double year over year

  • Less than 1% Buy-Back rate

Re-Order Sales

Will Aquegel sell OR gather dust?

Aquegel WILL SELL! More than 80% of our sales revenue is from "Re-Orders"!

  • Average sales = 24-37 units sold/month/location

  • 96% of accounts re-order within 60 days

  • #1 Sales Issue = Out of Stock (empty displays!)

  • 4 convenient ways to re-order (phone, fax, email, online)



Open A Wholesale Account Today!


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