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About Aquegel

What It Is

How It Works

How It's Used

  • Nasal & Topical Gel

  • Lasts for up to 12 HOURS!

  • 4 Unique Formulas

Our unique formulas are used for sleep,  congestion, colds & flu AND MUCH MORE!

  • Time Activated - up to 12 HOURS

  • No Use Restrictions

  • Safe for All Ages

Body temperature activates Aquegel's formula upon contact which releases moisture & active ingredients.

  • Applied Nasally OR Topically

  • Personalized Dosage

  • No Drip

Aquegel's convenient jar allows both NASAL and TOPICAL APPLICATIONS!



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What It Is
What it is

Aquegel is a patent-pending, over-the-counter moisturizer that is owned and operated by an independent pharmacy in Erie, CO. Aquegel was designed to be:

Time Activated

Free of Use Restrictions

Safe for All Ages

Aquegel's unique gelatinized base delivers MOISTURE and ACTIVE ingredients for up to 12 STRAIGHT HOURS! Our four specialized formulas make Aquegel a truly multi-use product.

Aquegel Nasal Moisturizer - Original

Aquegel Original is the base formula from which all other formulas derive. Each formula is PERFECT FOR:

Supplemental Oxygen Patients - One dose of Aquegel's time release formula provides up to 12 hours of moisture relief from side - effects associated with oxygen therapy.

Extreme Dry Skin - Aquegel's base dissolves into moisture, providing long term relief of extreme dry skin such as psoriasis, but without sealing the skin.

Prescription Preservative - Aquegel's base formula complements many nasally-applied drugs by:

  • Impeding nose bleed side-effects

  • Reducing draining

  • Slowing absorption time

Aquegel Breathe Easy Moisturizer - Eucalyptus

Aquegel Sleep Easy Moisturizer - Lavender

The Sleep Easy Moisturizer is Aquegel's base PLUS the addition of  "Lavender Essential Oil". Lavender makes it PERFECT FOR:

Promotion of Relaxation and Sleep - Studies have shown that when inhaled, Lavender Essential Oil lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

The natural sedating power of lavender puts you in a relaxed state to promote sleep and is useful during treatment of anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Wound Healing, Skin Care, Scarring - Lavender's antiseptic properties inhibit infection during wound healing. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory so it will reduce itching and swelling! Lavender promotes rapid wound closure and normal skin cell replication to reduce the appearance of scars.

Aquegel Cold & Flu Moisturizer - Zinc

The Breathe Easy Moisturizer is Aquegel's base PLUS "Eucalyptus Essential Oil". Eucalyptus makes it PERFECT FOR:

Congestion - The mucosa-shrinking qualities of Eucalyptus act as an expectorant by facilitating the secretion or expulsion of phlegm, mucus, or other matter from the respiratory tract!

Allergy - Seasonal allergy symptoms are caused when foreign agents (e.g. pollen) are inhaled though the nose. Aquegel creates a moisture barrier that traps allergens before they enter the respiratory system and cause seasonal allergy attacks!

Prescription Preservative - This formula is great with allergy medications. Especially ones that can cause Nose Bleeds.

*See Aquegel Original for more details*

The Cold & Flu Moisturizer is Aquegel's base PLUS the addition of "Zinc Gluconate". Zinc is PERFECT FOR:

Reducing Cold & Flu Severity

Zinc Gluconate applied to your nasal cavities will absorb into your blood stream and act as a lozenge without the metallic taste. 

Studies have found that Zinc will reduce the severity AND the length of a Cold and/or Flu by stopping the replication of the virus.

Reducing Onset of Cold & Flu

The Cold & Flu Viruses are most commonly spread through airborne droplets that are coughed or sneezed into the air by the contagious person and then inhaled through the nose of another person. Aquegel Cold & Flu Moisturizer creates a MOISTURE BARRIER OF ZINC which traps the virus and keeps it from being inhaled!.

How it works
How It Works

Aquegel is a unique patent-pending moisturizer that was designed to be:

     1. Time Activated - Lasts up to 12 hours

     2. Free of Use Restrictions - Daily relief

     3. Safe for All Ages - No harsh chemicals


During the manufacturing process, distilled water, active ingredients and our patent-pending base are combined at a microscopic level to form micro-encapsulations of water & active ingredients! (See picture on the right)


Aquegel Under Microscope

AQUEGEL ACTUALLY PROVIDES MOISTURE, unlike lotions & creams which only "seal" the skin to trap the body's moisture from evaporating. Whether applied nasally OR topically the human body's natural temperature will begin to dissolve Aquegel's patent-pending base, exposing the micro-encapsulated moisture & active ingredients!  This process occurs continously, one layer at a time, keeping micro-encapsulations 

in contact with body tissues for up to 12 STRAIGHT HOURS! Essentially, Aquegel acts like an aqueduct bringing moisture to the area afflicted by dryness for ALL DAY RELIEF!  SEE RIGHT FOR "HOW IT WORKS" STEPS

Unique Qualities

The Aquegel formula is made to mimic mucopolysaccharides, which is a complex arrangement of natural nasal moisture, or in other words - SNOT! Aquegel contains water and salt in the same concentration as your own body so it is readily absorbed.

The Aquegel formula was originally intended to provide long-lasting moisture to reduce nasal irritation associated with sinusitis, oxygen therapy and congestion. However, since its inception, the TRUE abilities of Aquegel Moisturizers have been revealed!  Aquegel is now commonly used for BOTH NASAL & TOPICAL APPLICATIONS - 


How It's Used
How it's used








Nasal Use

Topical Use

Coat cotton swab with a thin layer of Aquegel.  Use personal preference to determine amount of coating needed on cotton swab.

Using the cotton swab, apply a thin coating of aquegel to inside of nostril.  DO NOT INSERT COTTON SWAB FURTHER THAN 1/2" INTO NASAL PASSAGE!

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 with opposite end of cotton swab for second nostril.

Re-apply every 10-12 hours OR as needed. 

Apply a SMALL DAB of Aquegel to finger. 

Rub Aquegel into skin with a circular motion.

Apply more Aquegel if necessary for desired effect.

Re-apply every 10-12 hours OR as needed. 


Nasal Use

Unique Properties:

Aquegel's unique properties make it THE ONLY TRUE NASAL MOISTURIZER on the market!  Unlike most OTC Sinus Sprays it has no side-effects, no rebound effect and no risk of dependency. Aquegel does not contain harsh chemicals, so it is safe for all ages - from infants to the elderly! Unlike saline solutions, Aquegel actually delivers a steady stream of moisture for up to 12 hours.

PLUS, Aquegel is actually applied directly to the area afflicted by dryness.  Unlike nasal sprays, Aquegel WILL NOT DRAIN OUT OF THE NOSE OR DOWN THE THROAT! 

Problems with "Sprays":

  1. Applied to Sinuses

  2. Drains from Nose

  3. Drains down Throat 

Topical Use

Unique Properties

Aquegel's unique properties also make it perfect for many topical applications! Lotions and creams "seal" the skin to trap the body's moisture from evaporating. Lotions work temporarily, usually drying out in 1 - 2 hours. By comparison, Aquegel doesn't seal the skin - its gelatinized base ACTUALLY PROVIDES MOISTURE to the area afflicted by dryness for up to 12 hours! Unlike most lotions, GREASY RESIDUE DIMINISHES after Aquegel absorbs in 2 - 3 minutes, yet it continues to moisturize even in the driest climates!

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